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Many thanks for your interest in Sports Card Depot. To add a link to SCD from your own web site, simply add one of the code snipets below to your own web page. We've included HTML code snipets for a basic textual link, graphical link, and a special database search link that allows visitors to search CardDepot directly from your page. A sample of each link type is displayed beneath each code snipet. It only takes a few minutes to update your page.


Visit Sports Card Depot

<!-- SCD textual link -->
<font size="-1" face="ARIAL,HELVETICA">
Visit <a href=""><b>Sports Card Depot</font></b></a>


Visit Sports Card Depot
<!-- SCD link w/ image -->
<font size="-1" face="ARIAL,HELVETICA"><a href="">
<p></a><a href=""><img
Visit <a href=""><b>Sports Card Depot</font></b></a>


Select category below to search the Sports Card Depot.
<!-- SCD database link -- feel free to remove categories or change the default selection -->
<form method="POST" action="">
<font size="2">Select category below to search the <a href="">Sports Card Depot</a>. </font><br><select name="goto" size="1">
<option value="miscclas">Miscellaneous : Classified</option>
<option value="collect">Miscellaneous : Collections</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="headliners">Figures : Headliners</option>
<option value="slus">Figures : Starting Lineups</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="refr">Sports Cards : Refractors</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="baseauto">Baseball : Autographs</option>
<option value="basememo">Baseball : Memorabilia</option>
<option value="basemisc">Baseball : Classifieds</option>
<option selected value="basesing">Baseball : Sports Cards : Singles</option>
<option value="baseteam">Baseball : Sports Cards : Team</option>
<option value="basepack">Baseball : Sports Cards : Packs</option>
<option value="basesets">Baseball : Sports Cards : Sets</option>
<option value="baseboxs">Baseball : Sports Cards : Boxes</option>
<option value="basewant">Baseball : Wanted</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="baskauto">Basketball : Autographs</option>
<option value="baskmemo">Basketball : Memorabilia</option>
<option value="baskmisc">Basketball : Classifieds</option>
<option value="basksing">Basketball : Sports Cards : Singles</option>
<option value="baskteam">Basketball : Sports Cards : Team</option>
<option value="baskpack">Basketball : Sports Cards : Packs</option>
<option value="basksets">Basketball : Sports Cards : Sets</option>
<option value="baskboxs">Basketball : Sports Cards : Boxes</option>
<option value="baskwant">Basketball : Wanted</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="footauto">Football : Autographs</option>
<option value="footmemo">Football : Memorabilia</option>
<option value="footmisc">Football : Classifieds</option>
<option value="footsing">Football : Sports Cards : Singles</option>
<option value="footteam">Football : Sports Cards : Team</option>
<option value="footpack">Football : Sports Cards : Packs</option>
<option value="footsets">Football : Sports Cards : Sets</option>
<option value="footboxs">Football : Sports Cards : Boxes</option>
<option value="footwant">Football : Wanted</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="hockauto">Hockey : Autographs</option>
<option value="hockmemo">Hockey : Memorabilia</option>
<option value="hockmisc">Hockey : Classifieds</option>
<option value="hocksing">Hockey : Sports Cards : Singles</option>
<option value="hockteam">Hockey : Sports Cards : Team</option>
<option value="hockpack">Hockey : Sports Cards : Packs</option>
<option value="hocksets">Hockey : Sports Cards : Sets</option>
<option value="hockboxs">Hockey : Sports Cards : Boxes</option>
<option value="hockwant">Hockey : Wanted</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="boxing">Other : Boxing</option>
<option value="golf">Other : Golf</option>
<option value="phone">Other : Phone Cards</option>
<option value="nonsport">Other : Non-Sport Cards</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="racing">Other : Racing</option>
<option value="">---------------------------------------</option>
<option value="soccer">Other : Soccer</option>
<option value="tennis">Other : Tennis</option>
</select><input type="submit" value="Search">

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