If you own a card shop, promote shows, sell cards or supplies, etc...


Opportunity Knocks

Harness the power of Sports Card Depot's Web presence by advertising on its home page or one of its frequently navigated sub-pages. Card Depot is one of the FASTEST growing sports collectible sites and we're listed in a multitude of search engines which link to our Home Page as do many other spots collectibles sites. When visitors come home to Card Depot, your company's ad will be among the most prominently visible graphical links throughout the site.

Special Trial Offer

Ad placement is billable at a rate of $39.95 per month and is guaranteed for 3-months. There is no obligation thereafter! We suspect you will be pleased! What have you got to lose other than the excess exposure?? An on Card Depot's home page or sub-page can increase traffic to your site which normally translates to more business for you.

Special non-graphical yet highly visible links can be added to many of our high-traffic sub-pages. When submitting the form below, let us know what categories (e.g. Baseball Cards, Autographs, etc) you'd like your ad to appear in. ($10 per month!)

Optional Ad Creation

We recommend that you implement an ad which reflects the nature of your business; including your logo, site URL and/or business phone number. If needed, Card Depot can create an image for a one-time fee of $50. If your business does not currently have an online presence, we can link directly to your "Virtual Showcase" at Card Depot.

Do you have a banner ad or logo in electronic format? If so, please include URL to the location of your logo or banner when contacting us via the form below. If you've got an online site we will link to the URL automatically.

"Adopt A Sport"

Card Depot offers a rather unique and easy to afford ad spot.  For just $9.95 monthly, a textual link leading to your remote web site or "Virtual Showcase" at Card Depot will be featured at the top of any page featuring the sport of your choice.  For example, if you specialize in baseball cards, you might want to be listed at the top of any page which features baseball related classified ads. If you sell supplies, to site another example, you might want to be listed under several sports headings in our database.  Adopt a sport at Card Depot today!

Getting Started

If you have a busy site this opportunity could still increase traffic to your site; otherwise, it could give your site the boost it deserves!  For more information or to get started, kindly submit the form below or email adhere@carddepot.com (and ask for Morris!)

Summary and Fine Print
  • A 180x60 pixel ad will be displayed and link to your own Web site.
  • Trial Offer: $39.95 per month payable in advance of ad placement.
  • Adopt A Sport: $9.95 per month per sport payable in advance of ad placement.
  • No obligation to continue service at anytime! Rate guaranteed for 1st three months only.
  • If desired space is not available, SCD will propose an alternative location for your approval.
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    . I want to adopt a sport!

    Please enter any comments, questions or instructions below and be sure to specify desired ad placement location. (Eg. "Baseball : Classifieds", "home page")

    Submission of this form serves as a request only and does not guarantee or reserve ad space. Sports Card Depot reserves the right to determine the types of ads run on its Home Page or any sub-page. We are currently seeking companies whom specialize in specific types of collectibles (e.g. autographs, plaques, SLUs) or supplies; however, all requests will be considered.

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